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Please, contact us to choose the perfect repertoire for your:

* Concert venue
* Business event
* Private event

Marie-Anne sings in 24 languages and her repertoire ranges from classical, traditional and crossover - to musical, movie and jazz repertoire. She is cooperating with top musicians of various genres - pianists, guitarists, bands and small & large classical ensembles. She is an experienced performer and a captivating storyteller.
She often performs together with her husband, Benjamin Izmajlov, a renowned concert violinist. The combination of these two most amazing instruments - voice and violin, never fails to fill the audience with enthusiasm!


* Singing lessons (classical, crossover, musical)
* Lung strengthening and breathing coaching
* Public speaking lessons

Marie-Anne Izmajlov Coaching

Marie-Anne gives lessons live and online, for groups and in one-to-one sessions.
As a breathing, speaking and confidence coach she also performs seminars and workshops for companies and various interest groups (business ladies club, flute and oboe professors, singing choirs, primary school teachers…) and societies (Europa Donna, Europacolon…).
She is a Business Frauen Centre Austria member (Expertin).
Please, contact us for:
Singing lessons (classical, crossover, musical)
Lung strengthening and breathing coaching
Public speaking lessons

Marie-Anne is based in Klagenfurt, Austria, where one-to-one lessons take place. Groups of min. 10 people can take place also in other locations, please contact us for an arrangement.


For German speaking clients we have created an online intense lungs strengthening program - “AtemWORKOUT”, as well as for Slovenian clients - “Dihalna Telovadba”. Both have very good responses, high success rates and are guided by Marie-Anne personally.
The English version will be available shortly.



Business and official events can be hosted in English, German, Russian, Italian and Slovenian language. As a professionally trained actress and an experienced performer, Marie-Anne's elegant and refined appearances always gives a special touch to the event. She has previously also hosted her own show on National Slovenian TV.



Every year, all through her career, Marie-Anne has been dedicating her time to various charity projects and concerts. Her heart is especially dedicated to helping to find funds for ill children and families in financial need.
Marie-Anne Izmajlov is a member of Inner Wheel Wörthersee Austria.
Please, contact us if there is a specific charity event you would like to invite Marie-Anne to perform in.



Dihalna Telovadba

Benjamin Izmajlov

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