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Marie-Anne Izmajlov book
Slovenia 25-08-2020

First book just released in Slovenia. Direct translation would be "Breathe In Life With Full Lungs". This unique health & lifestyle book contains numerous tips on how to live a full and energized life, from the point of view of a professional and successful stage performer. Also introducing a not very well known Russian breathing method in a new, fun daily workout routine. Available soon in English.

The Russian Collection
Latest Album
World 17-09-2021

A collection of most meaningful Russian songs from the 20th Century, many of them first recorded with symphonic orchestra or sang by a female voice. A powerful and epic journey through songs of various genres and styles. So much heart and soul within! The booklet contains English translations of all songs. Many listeners across the world voted this album as one of their favorite ever. Listen here...

Featured Video

Songs My Mother Taught Me

Antonin Dvořák

"Songs My Mother Taught Me / Kdyzh mne stara matka" - a wonderful interpretation from the famous "Gipsy Songs"

Best on YouTube

"Dorogoy Dlinnoyu" or better known as "Those Were the Days My Friend" is the most viewed performance of Marie-Anne Izmajlov on YouTube as well as of the song itself. Once attributed to Gene Ruskin (until the fall of the Berlin Wall), it is one of the most beloved and known old Russian Romances, first recorded in the beginning of the 20th Century. Marie-Anne Izmajlov has also recorded the English version on the album "The Russian Collection".

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Rož, Podjuna, Zila

100 years of the Austrian Republic

Recorded for the album "Songs of My Home" (2016), arguably the most beautiful Carinthian song of the Slovene population, called "Rož, Podjuna, Zila" (The Three Valleys) newly orchestrated for voice, choir and symphonic orchestra.

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